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The exhaust heat recovery unit transmits the heat from the exhaust gas to the engine coolant via the heat exchanger. This promotes engine warm-up, increases the number of opportunities for the engine to be stopped, and contributes to improved fuel efficiency. In addition, the heat that is transmitted to the engine coolant can also be utilized as the heat source for the heater, which increases the heating efficiency.

The exhaust heat recovery unit is required to be small in size, lightweight, and high performance. An increase in the weight of the vehicle can cause the fuel efficiency to decline. Therefore, keeping the increase in weight to a minimum, while taking up the smallest amount of space and providing the maximum performance allows this unit to make a significant contribution to improved fuel efficiency.
In addition to these requirements, the durability performance of this unit is also an extremely important element. Consequently, it is required to have excellent reliability to withstand the high temperatures of the exhaust gas and a corrosive environment.

In comparison to our conventional product, the “POWEREV” improved the heat exchange performance by approximately 30% and also improved the fuel efficiency and heating system performance. In addition, the space and mass of the heat exchanger was also able to be reduced by approximately 50%.

In the future we are working to reduce the size and weight of this unit even further, while also improving the performance of the heat exchanger at the same time. We are also aiming to optimize this unit for use on automobiles equipped with an idling mechanism and light automobiles, not just hybrid vehicles, so that this product will bring delight to as many of our customers as possible.

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