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Production Technology

We are always working to innovate the production systems that form the basis for all manufacturers' activities and are at the top of the industry in the level of equipment and scale based on our policy of “Great Products, for Less, and Swiftly”. We possess all of the variations of production technologies that concern stamping, welding, pipe making, and surface treatments. In addition, we are actively implementing the acquisition of new methods so that our customers can have consistent peace of mind when entrusting us to develop equipment for almost all automobile parts.

(1)Stamping Technology (2)Welding and Assembly Technology (3)New Technology, “Remote Laser Welding” (4)New Technology, “Hot Stamping”

(1)Stamping Technology

Stamping Technology

Stamping Technology

  • We perform efficient stamping that meets the cost needs of our customers thanks to equipment that includes a large transfer press.
  • Particularly when it comes to sections of workpieces that must be transferred, our unique know-how and mastery of technology has allowed us to achieve the highest SPM (strokes per minute) in Japan of SPM 30.
(2)Welding and Assembly Technology

Welding and Assembly Technology

Welding and Assembly Technology

  • We can produce an entire welding and assembly line in-house from initial examination to creation, trial operation, and the start of production. Three-dimensional simulation is used during the initial examination stage to develop the optimal design for the line layout, the cycle times of the robots, and even the actions of the operators. This makes it possible to carry out production preparation in a short amount of time.
(3)New Technology, “Remote Laser Welding”
  • Here at Futaba, we have developed an original “remote laser” to perform laser welding and it is now in operation all over the world.

New Technology, “Remote Laser Welding”

Remote Laser Welding System

(4)New Technology, “Hot Stamping”
  • In our stamping work we have adopted the hot stamping process instead of using high-tensile steel material in order to meet the needs of our customers for parts that are lightweight and have high rigidity.

What is Hot Stamping?

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