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About Futaba

Welcome Message

Hiroyoshi Yoshiki,President

Since its founding in 1945, Futaba has been committed itself to providing the products to meet the customers need based on our mission, “Quality Product at Lower Cost”. I would like to appreciate deeply to the support of customers, shareholders and all of the stakeholders, which enabled us to continue its business operation for over 70 years, establish itself as an automotive parts manufacturer of press technology and welding technology.

Futaba, now, has taken the first step forward to a new growth stage. Previously, we have mainly worked on manufacturing reform of Monozukuri, but from going forward, Futaba will work on further profitability improvement and its management efficiency through speedy management decisions, strengthening corporate governance, and through a review of the workflow for each employee’s task. In addition, we firmly recognize our strengths that have been achieved in the history of Futaba, we need to optimize the global supply system with regard to our mission to provide high-value-added products.

To meet the expectations of all the stakeholders, Futaba aims to be a company which contribute to society by empowering and educating all the employees to be able to take initiatives to solve varieties of issues. I would like to greatly appreciate your guidance and encouragement.