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About Futaba

Business Plan

Futaba’s new Five-Year Plan

1. Overview

In the automotive industry, we expect to have much more opportunity to provide added value which contributes to help improve environmental performance due to worldwide tightening of environmental regulations and users' growing awareness of fuel economy. Futaba will promote the new five-year plan to achieve consolidated net sales of 4400 billion yen and in consolidated operating profit margin of 3.5% in the fiscal year ended March 2021. In order to achieve this, Futaba will address the following five basic policies, which emphasize strengthening the global supply systems of high-value added eco-friendly products as its pillar of growth, such as the promotion of weight reduction and high strength in the white body parts through further installment of hot forming lines and the establishment of ultra-high-tensile press processing technology, and strengthening global supply systems of exhaust systems.

2. Concept of new five-year management plan

3.Forecast of Sales and Operating profit (Consolidated)

Unit: hundred million yen

  Yr. 2016 Yr. 2018 Yr. 2020
Consolidated sales 4,070 4,200 4,400
Consolidated operating margin 1.0% 1.8% 3.5%