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About Futaba

Company motto & Management principle

Corporate Charter

  1. Compliance with laws, regulations, social norms and the like

    We will conduct corporate activities with high ethical standards and fulfill our social responsibilities in compliance with relevant domestic and foreign laws, regulations and social norms, as well as internal rules.

  2. Contributions to society

    We will respect domestic and foreign cultures and customs, make efforts to preserve the environment, grow together with our local communities and become a company that is appreciated by the local communities.

  3. Significance of the Company's existence

    We will engage in the research and development of cutting edge technologies for the provision of products and services worldwide that our customers find satisfactory in terms of both quality and cost.

  4. Fostering better communication and corporate culture

    We will listen with sincerity to the opinions of various people both inside and outside of the Company, regardless of their positions, and foster a lively and energetic corporate culture that permits free thinking and active expression of personal opinions.

  5. Respect for employees

    We will respect the personalities and individuality of our employees, ensure a safe and pleasant work environment, and strive to provide comfort and enrichment to our employees.

  6. Appropriate information disclosure

    We will appropriately disclose corporate information in order to increase corporate transparency and soundness.

  7. Harmony with society

    We will abide in harmony with society as a good corporate citizen and firmly confront antisocial forces that pose a threat to social order and safety.

  8. Growth and development with business partners, affiliates, etc.

    We will always be innovative as we manage our business from a global perspective and will endeavor to grow and develop together with various stakeholders, including our business partners and affiliates.