SDGs Initiatives

Draw a vision for the future growth through SDGs

Connection between FUTABA and SDGs up until now

On the foundation of our Corporate Motto and Management Principals, we have been comitted to reducing environmental impact through our development and production, as well as preserving the nature resources and contributing to the society (ESG) through our CSR activities.

Conncection between FUTABA and SDGs for the future

As the society faces a new environmental and social challenges, we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a framework to achieve a "Sustainble Society". We started focusing on reconstructing our business activities from the SDGs viewpoint from January 2020. The process and our vision are as follows.

(1)Selection of Strategic SDGs and Identification of 14 Priority Issues

In accordance to the SDGs framework which is the common language with the stakeholders, we figured Strategic SDGs (6 out of 17 goals within the SDGs framework) that has the highest priority in stakeholders and our business perspectives.
In achieveing the Strategic SDGs, we identified 14 Priority Issues (Materiality) to tackle to.

(2)Promotion of "Strategy to Enhance Corporate Value"

"Strategy to Enhance Corporate Value" is interpreted as an action to tackle to 14 Priority Issues (Materiality). 14 Priority Issues (Materiality) are divided into 3 categories(Sustaible Growth, Sustainable Production and Sustainable Management Foundation) and they are the integration of sustainability and our mid-long term business goals.
By the promotion of "Strategy to Enhance Corporate Value", we aim to provide solutions to environmental and social challenges and achieve our business goals at the same time, which of these would lead to sustainable growth of our company.
This initiative is promoted as all-Futaba, on a global basis.

Our Approach to SDGs

Selection of Strategic SDGs

Our View on Strategic SDGs

We placed 6 goals in the SDGs framework as Strategic SDGs that has the highest priority in both stakeholder's and our business perspectives. For other goals within the SDGs framework, they are placed as Significant SDGs and we manage to continue our operational efforts through our ESG activities.

①Highly prioritized goals in business perspective

By interviewing related departments in our organization, we prioritized goals within SDGs framework that represent opportunities that we can contribute as a business.

②Highly prioritized goals in stakeholder's perspective

On the basis to indicators presented by ESG rating agencies, we conducted an analysis on social trends and payed close attention to the expectations of stakeholders' in selecting prioritized goals.

Identification of 14 Priority Issues (Materiality)

We place 14 Priority Issues (Materiality) as activities to achieve Strategic SDGs. Targets, KPIs and Milestones are set to each one of the Priority Issue. To meet the expectations of stakeholders' and achieve our business goals, 14 Priority Issues are confirmed its integrity with our "Mid-Long Term Business Strategy".
They are categorized into 3 groups (1. Sustainable Growth, 2. Sustainable Production, 3. Sustainable Management Foundation) which of these are 3 main pillars of our Strategy to Enhance Corporate Value.
Strategy to Enhance Corporate Value now enables the achievement of our sustainability goals and our business goals simultaneously.
We will promote them on global basis.

Intergrate SDGs into management

Reflection to Mid-Term Management Hoshin

"SDGs Initiative" is anchored to our Mid-Term Management Hoshin as one of the prioritized monitoring items.
Consequently, hoshin of every department at HQ and every subsidairy as well as Global Production Hoshin embed the "SDGs Initiative" to be promoted throughout our entire value chain.
Promotion of "SDGs Initiative" is now a part of our dairy business operation in our entire FUTABA group.

Promotional Action as FUTABA

①Promotional Action as Management

Regular holding of a Corporate Value・SDGs Promotion Committee by board members since April 2020 allows time for strategic discussions and progress management dedicated to SDGs Initiative in order for the active promotion as all-FUTABA

②Promotional Action as FUTABA

Responsible Dept is assigned to each Priority Issue for driving and executing the necessory across the organization following the direction given by Corporate Value・SDGs Promotion Committee.
Responsible Business Conduct Office, a project management office, is also structured to have communication with the Responsible Dept.
Further communication will be adapted for the promotion including domestic and overseas subsidiaries and suppliers.