Various methods

Under the theme "quality products at lower cost and prompt response,"
we make high-quality products that satisfy our customers with our technology, facilities, and spirit.

Press forming

We perform efficient press forming that meets customer needs for low cost, centering on large transfer presses.
Our own know-how and unique technology are utilized for the work conveyance section, in particular.

Processing of ultrahigh tensile strength steel

In press forming, increasing the strength of and decreasing the weight of body parts are essential technologies in order to comply with safety regulations and fuel consumption standards that will grow increasingly stricter in the future.
In response, we are engaged in cold press forming of ultrahigh tensile strength steel that is high in both strength and productivity.
Processing of ultrahigh tensile strength steel is to form a material of ultrahigh tensile strength steel, the tensile strength of which is 1.5GPa-class, by cold press.
In processing ultrahigh tensile strength steel, it is difficult to secure dimensional accuracy because of the significant spring-back phenomenon specific to the material of ultrahigh tensile strength steel that occurs when the material is bent.
To counteract this, accuracy is improved by developing slide-bending and other methods through the utilization of forming simulation.
For ultrahigh tensile strength steel with such difficulty in processing, we will continue to establish technology for complex shapes and global deployment in the future.

Hot stamping

Laser processing

We apply not only CO2 laser welding, but also remote laser welding technology for high-speed welding by irradiation of a laser beam, and YAG laser welding technology that enables a beautiful finish with few weld marks and less thermal distortion to mass production.
Through the utilization of new production technologies, we are boldly working to create a system that realizes lower costs.