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Investor Relations

Message from Management

Performance for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018

During the fiscal year under review, the economic recovery continued in North America and there was a slow recovery of the European economy. In Asia, there was an upturn in the Chinese economy and the economies of India, Indonesia and other countries recovered gradually due mainly to internal demand. In Japan, domestic economy continued to recover slowly as the labor market continued to improve.

In the automobile industry, which is the main source of sales for the Futaba Group, sales of automobiles in North America and Europe during the fiscal year were lower than in the previous fiscal year. But automobile sales were strong in China. In Japan, automobile sales increased year on year.

The Futaba Group started a new five-year plan in the past fiscal year that is centered on the fundamentals of “safety, quality and manufacturing”. By focusing on these themes while strengthening structural reforms and the management of expenses, group companies are taking steps aimed at generating profits.

Fiscal year sales were 440.4 billion yen, up 6.8% from one year earlier, operating profit was 11.2 billion yen, up 25.4%, ordinary profit was 10.9 billion yen, up 45.2%, and profit attributable to owners of parent was 10.7 billion yen, up 123.1%.

Future effort

In the automotive industry, even though global competition is expected to intensify, further growth is expected in the future. In this environment, Futaba will work on the utilization of core technology into new business fields and strengthening one-of-a-kind technology, while strengthening the basics of Monozukuri, along with the efforts to ensure the quality, further structural reform and promote the manufacturing reform.

(1) Enforcement of the basics of “Safety, Quality, and MONOZUKURI”
(2) Structural reformation and reinforcement of the cost management to secure a stable income
(3) Optimization of facilities and effective distribution of management resources
(4) Further development of core technologies and utilization in new business fields
(5) Reinforcement of human development and organizational capacity.

While working on these issues, we will fulfill our social responsibilities like legal compliance and environmental management and will strive to be a company trusted by all the shareholders.

We wish our shareholders’ continuous understanding and support to Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd. and Futaba Group companies.

June, 2016 Hiroyoshi Yoshiki President

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