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Handling of Personal Information Regarding New Graduate Hiring

Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Futaba) will handle personal information obtained from student job applicants for hiring purposes in the following way.

Futaba is aware that the personal information of student applicants is important private information and will protect it appropriately, observe laws and regulations relating to personal information protection, and take the following stance towards handling.

  1. Definition of personal information for hiring purposes

    Personal information for hiring purposes mainly refers to the content below by which it is possible to identify an individual.

    • Name, D.O.B., gender, university, department, discipline, phone number, cell phone number, address, email address
    • Information which can be easily cross-checked with other information and, by doing so, identifies the individual.
    • ID number, passwords, etc., assigned to each individual.
    • Website entry data, entry sheet, resume, performance certification, health certificate
  2. Obtainment and purpose of personal information

    Futaba will only handle personal information for hiring purposes and will not use it for any other purposes whatsoever. Moreover, we request that applicant students give us their consent when providing personal information.

    Note that the personal information of successful applicants will continue to be used for hiring control.

  3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

    With the exception of either of the below circumstances, Futaba will not disclose or provide third parties with the personal information of applicants provided to us.

    • If information must be disclosed to outsourcing companies or business partners within the scope of usage for hiring purposes
    • If we have the consent of the student applicant themselves
    • If requested by law and regulations
  4. Safety measures and retention period

    The personal information registered with Futaba concerning student applicants will be provided with safety measures and appropriately controlled at our responsibility. Moreover, after new graduate hiring has ended for the relevant year, we will take responsibility for appropriately disposing of or erasing hiring data, excluding the data of the successful applicant.

  5. Correction/deletion of personal information by applicant themselves

    Requests from the student applicant themselves regarding the disclosure, correction, deletion or cancellation of use of student application personal information possessed by Futaba shall be received by the below department, and handled appropriately in good faith after confirming the identity of the applicant.

    Human Resources Development Section
    Human Resources Division Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd.
      Tel: +81-564-31-2212

  6. Applicable scope of handling procedures

    Our policy for the handling of personal information was established by Futaba for the purposes of our own hiring and is not practiced by the entire company or within the entire group. Please directly contact the individual company for the hiring information of each group.


Our policy for the handling of personal information may be revised from time to time.

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