Reduction of Environmental Impacts

Basic approach

Aiming for the coexistence of people and nature, we are working on the management and reduction of raw materials and auxiliary materials used in manufacturing, and promoting activities to protect the natural environment.

Initiatives to reduce substances of concern

Futaba manages the volumes of use, transfer and emissions of environmentally hazardous substances that have adverse impacts on human health and the environment. We are promoting the reduction of environmental impacts by judging whether or not to purchase and use the chemical substances used in production processes by evaluating their environmental impact.

Quantities of PRTR substances released and transferred in FY2022

Initiatives to reduce substances of concern

Handling of PCB equipment

Because the PCBs(polychlorinated biphenyls)used in electrical equipment, etc., are hazardous, proper storage, notification and treatment of waste are required. A legal deadline for the disposal of PCBs has been established(March 31, 2027 for low PCB waste)and Futaba is working on the renewal of legal equipment.