Purchasing Information

Purchasing Basic Policy

The Futaba Group has established the following three purchasing basic policies in order to produce parts that satisfy our important customers.

1. Optimum purchasing based on openness and fairness
  • Upon supplier selection, we present our expectation and evaluate appropriately on safety, quality, delivery, cost, engineering, and SE and IT security capability, and SDGs program.
  • New supplier validation shall be done fairly and openly considering business robustness, attitude toward anti-social organization and environmental practice as well as the above.
2. Strategic purchasing in global and SDGs' aspect
  • In order to contribute to customers' optimum Monozukuri, and to react to new technology and process, we establish competitive purchasing infrastructure globally.
  • Support self-reliance of regional HQ and subsidiaries for the implementation of strategical procurement per area, and contribute to local community by utilizing local suppliers positively.
  • Develop our members capable to global work by continuous improvement of education system.
3. Long-term continuous business built upon mutual trust
  • Pursue mutual prosperity through communication and support in the long-term cooperation basis.
  • In mid-long term point of view, enhance optimization activities for the competitiveness as "FUTABA Group" all supplier chain inclusive.
  • Strive for optimum purchasing through continuous work kaizen and digital solution as FUTABA Group.