Message from the President

代表取締役 社長執行役員 魚住 吉博代表取締役 社長執行役員 魚住 吉博

The Futaba Group provides value to customers which consists of environment, peace of mind, and quality of life. We have cherished these themes since our foundation, and is still the basic themes of our value creation today. We aim to be a company that can contribute to society by sharing these three value propositions throughout the group, improving them further and delivering them to more people in more areas.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have set Priority Issues(Materiality) for the resolution of environmental and social issues through our business activities and the strengthening of our management base to support that. At present, we are integrating the SDGs into management and working towards the resolution of social issues by applying them to the work of each and every employee.

As a corporate citizen, our mission is to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. With this in mind, the Futaba Group needs to grow into a sustainable company over the long term, and the company has positioned investment in people and carbon neutrality as key themes. The Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), a position newly established FY2023, will spearhead the steady implementation of necessary measures.

Even in a rapidly changing environment, the Futaba Group will use the strengths it has cultivated to improve its corporate value and meet the expectations of stakeholders by working on the resolution of social issues and the achievement of business goals.