Disclosure Policy

Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Futaba) has established the below disclosure policy, will disseminate this throughout our company and the entire group, and endeavor to provide our valued stockholders and investors with timely, accurate and fair information.

1. Basic policy
Futaba will disclose information in a timely, appropriate and fair manner in order to further improve management transparency, and will endeavor to build and maintain relationships of trust through constructive dialogue with stakeholders.
2. Information disclosure standards
Futaba shall disclose important information such as decisions affecting investment decisions, occurrences, or accounting-related information, in compliance with various laws and legislations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities (hereinafter "Timely Disclosure Rules") stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Moreover, even if these laws are not applicable, we will disclose, at our own discretion, information we believe to impact stakeholders and information believed useful for understanding our company. We will also comply with fair disclosure rules, properly manage important undisclosed facts, and disclose information fairly.
3. Information disclosure method
Futaba will disclose information through EDINET for disclosure based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and through TDnet for disclosure based on timely disclosure rules. We strive to disclose information published on TDnet widely and fairly on our websaite. In addition, if we voluntarily disclose information at our own discretion, we will disclose the information on our website.
4. Prevention of insider trading
Futaba will appropriately control important information, establish company rules aimed at the prevention of insider trading, and promote the awareness and understanding of such rules to all group employees.
5. Earnings forecasts and future prospects
Futaba may disclose information relating to our future prospects in addition to the earnings forecasts described in our earnings summary. Such future predictions are rational judgments based on the information available at the current point in time and may differ to the actual outcome due to the fluctuation of various preconditions such as the economic climate and market trends, as well as other uncertainties.
6. Period of silence
In order to avoid leakage of financial statement information and secure fairness, in principle, Futaba designates the period from the quarterly settling day to the announcement day of the financial statement for the applicable period as a "Period of Silence". During this time, in principle, we shall refrain from disclosing financial statement related information, giving and receiving related comments, answering related questions and so on. However, if any differences with the earnings forecasts arise in this period that apply to the Timely Disclosure Rules, we will disclose information on a timely basis.