Privacy Policy

Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Futaba) regards appropriate protection of personal information as a social responsibility. Futaba regards protection of personal information as a matter of importance in business activities, and will execute and maintain the privacy policy established.

1. Acquisition, utilization, and provision of personal information, and prohibition of its other-than-intended use
By establishing a system for the purpose of protecting personal information, Futaba will handle personal information appropriately in accordance with specified rules for its acquisition, utilization, and provision. In addition, Futaba will never handle personal information beyond the scope of intended use presented at the time of acquisition.
2. Compliance with laws, regulations and norms
In handling personal information, Futaba will comply with laws, regulations and rules applicable to protection of personal information concerned, and government-established guidelines and other norms.
3. Security measures
By taking security measures, Futaba will strive to prevent and correct leakage, loss or damage of personal information.
4. Complaints and consultations
Futaba will respond appropriately to personal-information-related complaints and consultations in person regarding handling of personal information and the system for protection of personal information, etc.
5. Continuous improvement
Futaba will establish rules regarding protection of personal information, thoroughly disseminate these rules to officers and employees, and review them periodically to make continuous improvements.

Our policy for the handling of personal information may be revised from time to time.