Challenge of new business toward the future society

Toward the sustainable growth of the society and the company, we aim to build circular society which achieves both global environmental sustainability and each person's quality of life to offer solid value in the three areas-environment, peace of mind, and quality of life.

Initiatives for greenhouse gas

For measures to global warming and climate change, we are challenging zero emission of CO2 to realize decarbonated society.

In-vehicle CO2 collection equipment

We started to develop solution business to create sustainable logistics that support quality of life.
We are considering about sale and offering service of CO2 collection equipment for truck(carrier).

Diagram of CO2 collection system

Diagram of CO2 collection system

Effective utilization of energy

Aiming to sustain agriculture that support quality of food life, we are considering solution business to contribute stability of glasshouse horticulture by utilization of renewable energy(solar and agricultural waste).

Self-production and self-consumption of energy recycling system

For glasshouse horticulture, we aim to realize self-production and self-consumption of energy.
Considering solar and agricultural waste as resources, we aim to achieve energy recycling system by conversing resources to necessary energy, using the energy to heating machine and collecting CO2 from exhaust gas of heating machine for photosynthesis.

Diagram of energy recycling system

Diagram of energy recycling system