Equipment for External Sales Business

We design, produce, and provide large-scale equipment to assemble and weld body frames including side bodies and underbodies for domestic and overseas plants of completed automobiles, with the proposal and production of equipment that meet the needs of automobile manufacturers.

The accumulation of new technologies and new construction methods for improving maintainability and productivity of our facilities has evolved into our third line of business, which has received high regard from our customers.
Weld and assembly facilities reflect voices from manufacturing sites and anticipate customer needs. These are our best proposal type business.

By applying the advanced know-how having been cultivated since our foundation and capitalizing on 3D CAD and CAE, we have established an integrated order-receiving system from process planning to product assurance, including strength analysis, robot application studies, simulation, offline teaching for robots, etc.
Through the eyes of users, we design and fabricate general-purpose, special-purpose, and shared lines suited to customer needs.