Environmental Management

dfef742828c6b06a8993cc6d36ceb66256a16033.pngEnvironmental policy

Futaba Group recognizes global environmental protection as a key management issue and commits to reducing environmental burden to realize sustainable and decarbonized society.

1. We will comply with environmental requirements.
Set and commit to complying with voluntary standards more strict than the various environmental protection ordinances and other requirements agreed to.
2. We will commit to protecting the environment.
Specifically, commit to preventing pollution, making sustainable use of resources, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and protecting the ecosystem.
3. We will set clear targets for and commit to protecting the environment.
Investigate and assess environmental impact of our business activities, and to effectively cut down or reduce the main cause, set environmental objectives and targets to be achieved within a range technically and economically feasible.
To achieve the environmental objectives and targets, commit to carrying out monozukuri and facility creation with less environmental impact from development to distribution stages.
4. We will continuously improve our environmental management system.
To achieve the environmental objectives and targets, clarify roles and responsibilities and create-perform-assess plans for further improvement.

August 1, 2021

Environmental management system

Futaba has established an environmental management system in conformance with ISO 14001 and is carrying out activities under the environmental policy established by top management. Under the manager responsible for the environment, we have established targets and are formulating and executing implementation plans.

System chart

Environmental management system

Promotion of environmental management

In June 2011, Futaba acquired ISO 14001 certification for seven of its plants, and the results of improvement activities are being realized at each plant through cross-divisional activities centered on four subcommittees focused on pollution prevention, waste reduction, energy conservation and resource conservation. We will continue to work actively on the reduction of environmental impacts in our production activities.
The Futaba Group has acquired ISO14001 at its production bases one after another, and commits in carrying out environmental management aimed at realizing a sustainable and recycling-oriented society.
In order to further invigorate our environmental management activities in Japan, we have been working to obtain integrated certification, and have acquired integrated certification for Futaba Sumi in FY2022 and Futaba Kyusyu in FY2023. In FY2024, we plan to integrate Futaba Hiraizumi.

Number of ISO14001-certified production bases and target percentage thereof

FY 2019 2020 2021 2022 Target
Number of ISO14001-certified bases 18 23 24 25 26
Target percentage 69% 88% 92% 96% 100%

* Futaba Kyusyu Corporation's Miyata Plant is not counted in the table above because it is located in the premises of an automobile manufacturer's plant.

State of compliance with environmental laws and regulations

As part of our ISO 14001 activities, we care for the lives of people living in the vicinity of our plants, so to become a company that is widely supported and loved by the local community. Led by the Pollution Prevention Subcommittee, we have established voluntary standards that are stricter than those required by law and confirm the state of compliance regularly.
With regard to water quality standards for plant wastewater, we have established management systems for the septic tanks and wastewater systems inside plants and prevent deviation from the standard values by grasping trends in the deterioration of water quality.
In addition, with regard to noise, we are working on the reduction of noise levels through efforts including measuring and monitoring noise during nighttime operations, selecting production items and reducing the noise of scrap collection boxes.