Social Contribution Activity

Social Contribution Activity Policy

Through activities in the three global priority areas, we will work as an organization on contributions to local society and support social contribution activities that employees themselves carry out towards the realization of a sustainable society.
In addition, we will also disseminate information on the results of our social contribution activities positively and build relationships of trust with stakeholders.

the three priority areas

Environmental Protection
Promoting coexistence between people and nature, better local environmental conservation activities
Community activities
Vitalizing traffic safety and local activities through interaction with local communities
Human resource development(Youth Development, Community Welfare)
1.Youth Development・・・Raising children through sports and manufacturing
2. Community Welfare・・・Providing support for persons with disabilities and nursing homes to enhance opportunities by participation in social activities

Social contribution activity methods

  • Independent programs*Activities that Futaba plans and implements
  • Volunteer activities
  • Donations and sponsorship

Key Activities

the three priority areas: Environmental protection

We are working on better local environmental conservation activities aiming for the coexistence of people and nature.

the three priority areas: Community activity

Futaba is working on the activation of traffic safety and local activities through interaction with local communities.

the three priority areas: Human resource development

We are working on the development of children through sports and monozukuri. In addition, we are providing support to people with disabilities, nursing homes, etc., and working on the improvement of opportunities for participation in social activities.

Youth Development

Community Welfare