Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

Basic approach

Futaba positions the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion as one of its key management strategies aimed at achieving its sustainable growth. In August 2022, we made our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement. We will actively strive to further expand and improve our systems and change the mindset of employees as we aim for the "active participation of all employees" in which each individual can leverage his or her strengths and feel motivated as they challenge themselves and actively participate.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement
  • We will value differences among individuals in gender, age, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief, values,workstyle, lifestyle, background, and others, and consider their diversity the driving force for new value creation and growth.
  • By offering support and consideration tailored to the individual, we provide everyone with a fair opportunity to challenge themselves.
  • We will strive to create work environments in which employees respect and appreciate each other's personality and mutually enhance one another, thereby enabling teams to produce best outcomes.
  • As a global monozukuri company with leading technologies, we will offer solid value in terms of the environment, peace of mind, and quality of life to more people around the world through our diverse people that enhance their creativity and ability to take action and that take initiative.

Female empowerment initiatives

We aim to become a company where female employees can also demonstrate their full potential and work actively, while finding their jobs fulfilling and feeling personal growth. Until now, we have focused our efforts on creating an environment that made it possible to work flexibly even after life events through various benefits like childcare leave, shortened working hours, flexible working hours, and telecommuting. In 2021, we shifted our focus from employee retention to female empowerment. We set KPIs, such as increasing the percentage of female managers and hiring more new female graduates, developing a working environment where employees feel fulfilled in their work, and putting more effort into developing female employees.

Voluntary action plan for promoting female employees to managers and executives

As part of our effort to promote diversity management, we will systematically develop and promote female employees so that they can become managers in the future, aiming to raise the percentage of female managers to 3% or more of the total managers by 2025 and 5% or more by 2030.

Percentage of female managers and executives(non-consolidated)

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Female executives* 0.0% 8.3% 8.3% 7.7% 7.7%
Female managers 0.3% 0.3% 0.9% 0.9% 1.1%

*Executives:Director, Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Percentage of new female graduates(on career track; non-consolidated)

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Target
Percentage 17.8% 14.8% 17.0% 11.9% 12.5% 20.0%

Initiatives to create a fulfilling working environment and enhance employee development

In FY2022, we held workshops for upper management as part of our efforts to develop a corporate culture that promotes female empowerment. In addition, we held career design training for female employees and diversity management training for their supervisors to support female employees with their career-building. Female employees were able to reexamine their own strengths and values and sketch out their career plans for the mid- to long-term future, while their supervisors learned about the particularities specific to women's career-building and considered what initiatives and actions they could take as managers. We will continue holding such training sessions in FY2023 and beyond.

Initiatives to eliminate the gender pay gap

If the pay level of male employees at Futaba were set at 100, then the pay level of female employees would be 68.9. We are aware that although we use the same pay structure for men and women, a gender pay gap does exist due to differences such as staff composition, types of occupation, rank, and ways of working. Under these circumstances, we will continue to promote various initiatives aimed at furthering the advancement of women.

Initiatives for reemployment after mandatory retirement

Futaba has a system for rehiring employees after their mandatory retirement to offer them an opportunity to work and pass on their technical capabilities and skills to the next generation. In compliance with laws and regulations, we rehire all those who wish to be re-employed. In April 2022, we reviewed the system to treat rehired employees according to their roles so that they can find their jobs fulfilling after their mandatory retirement, with a view to Japan's declining workforce due to the aging population and lower birth rate.
We are also promoting other initiatives, such as holding seminars that teach employees how to build assets at life milestones and health seminars that teach them how to stay healthy, providing physical fitness testing in order to raise awareness of career building and staying healthy during years of service before retirement and to encourage employees to work in better condition for many years to come. Another is establishing universal lines (low-workload production lines) for elderly and female employees to work in an easier way.

Number of rehired employees over time (non-consolidated)

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of rehired employees 110 128 138 129 181

*The number of rehired employees is the number of people registered with us aged 60 to 65 at the end of each fiscal year

Initiatives for hiring people with disabilities

Futaba works proactively to hire people with disabilities in support of their independence and participation in society. With an employment rate of 2.66% in FY2022, we have maintained the statutory requirement of 2.3%. We provide training programs to improve understanding at the workplaces that people with disabilities will belong to, and they have an interview with the Human Resources Division on an individual basis, in order to improve their work environments.

Percentage of employees with disabilities(non-consolidated)

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Percentage of employees with disabilities 2.20% 2.27% 2.38% 2.52% 2.66%

Recruitment initiatives

To hire diverse people on a global basis regardless of gender, nationality, age, or other attributes, we provide interviewer training to employees in charge of recruitment so that they will look at applicants' skills, experience, and willingness from fair, equal, and objective perspectives. We actively hire mid-career professionals and turn temporary workers into regular employees, in addition to hiring new graduates as valuable human resources that potentially bring new insights, values, and ideas into our organization.

Percentage of mid-career hires(non-consolidated)

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Percentage 36.7% 20.6% 23.1% 27.1% 26.3%

Percentage of temporary workers becoming regular employees(non-consolidated)

FY 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Percentage 87.2% 82.4% 76.7% 73.0% 95.2%