Promotion of Health Management

Basic approach

Futaba believes that strategically implementing initiatives to maintain and promote our employees' health is an "investment" for the future. To grow and develop toward the near future and continuously contribute to society, we set out the Health Statement in August 2022. In addition to the Company, the health insurance association and labor union have also signed the statement, indicating their commitment to fulfill each of their roles to enact initiatives to build the health of employees and create a company in which all employees can actively participate.

Health Statement

We consider our employees are members of Futaba family.
Employees' physical and mental health comes first for us to help each of them spend their daily life for many years to come and help them work positively.

For employees to stay healthy, we, Futaba, labor union, and health insurance association, hereby set out our Health Statement.

  • 1.Futaba will offer employees safe workplaces with a sense of reassurance and continue improving them.
  • 2.Futaba will proactively help employees promote their physical and mental health.
  • 3.Employees will try to improve their lifestyles to stay healthy.

Through these activities, Futaba will ensure employee well-being in harmony with society.

Promotion System

The Safety and Health Promotion Office serves as a secretariat. The health insurance association, labor union, occupational health physician and staff, and internal departments cooperate with each other to help employees solve their health issues.

Promotion system chart

Promotion System

Health management strategy

Health management strategy

*Basically, "health investment" and "indicators of the state of health investment measures" correspond 1:1. However, because there are some "health investments" that correspond to multiple "indicators of the state of health investment measures," those "health investments" are defined as "health investments related to various effects."

Certified as a 2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Plans for key initiatives related to health management

Physical Implementation of prevention activities Establishment of the Health Challenge 8
Health events
Health education(group and e-learning)
Implementation of health guidance
Infection countermeasures(COVID-19 countermeasures, influenza vaccinations, vaccinations before overseas assignments, etc.)
Implementation of total ban on smoking on-premises and stop smoking support activities Total smoking bans on-premises
Internal stop smoking classes
Assistance related to stop smoking clinics, nicotine patches, etc.
Stop smoking promotion events(Stop Smoking Challenge)
Enhancement of health management After the fact measures
Health examination-related
Mental Implementation of prevention activities
(Self-care / line care)
Implementation of mental health education(group and e-learning)
Promotion of communication within the workplace
Interviews with new employees by industrial health staff, etc.
Establishment of health consultation windows
Workplace improvement support activities Workplace support based on stress check group analysis results
Enhancement of mental health support Support for returning to work(recommendation for rework)
Support by internal industrial health staff
Injury and illness leave data management

Current situation and issues

In FY2021 we focused our efforts on health management, which is the foundation of our healthcare management, implementing a high-risk approach (work restrictions, etc.), thereby reducing the number of those at high risk for illness. In FY2022 we began providing health guidance by doctors and public health nurses to people other than those subject to specific health guidance in order to reduce the number of people with metabolic syndrome, which can lead to serious illnesses.
In addition to implementing approaches that focus on improving lifestyle to address the issues of low rates of exercise, poor dietary practices (e.g., eating too fast), and high smoking rates, from FY2023 we are introducing the Health Challenge 8*1 to help raise employees' awareness of their own health and establish healthier habits.

*1 Health Challenge 8: An initiative to maintain and promote health by working on improving eight healthy habits (healthy body weight, breakfast, snacks, alcohol consumption, exercise, not smoking, sleep, stress).

Category Indicator FY2020 results FY2021 results FY2022 results
Implementation of medical examinations,
stress checks, etc.
Percentage of implementation of regular medical examinations 100% 100% 100%
Percentage of detailed medical examinations after regular medical examinations 97.2% 84.0% 83.3%
Percentage of implementation of stress checks 98.5% 97.8% 96.7%
Healthy lifestyle habits
State of initiatives
Proper bodyweight 64.1% 63.8% 64.9%
Eating breakfast 80.9% 81.2% 79.5%
Proper drinking 68.8% 70.4% 70.6%
Not eating between meals 81.2% 78.4% 78.6%
Smoking bans 65.0% 67.0% 69.0%
Exercise habit 17.4% 17.8% 17.9%
Be well rested from sleep 72.7% 69.1% 70.3%
Stress-free 93.0% 90.6% 90.9%
Physical-related Percentage of Metabolic syndrome reserve group subjects 7.5% 8.0% 8.0%
Percentage of People at high risk of illness 1.26% 0.89% 0.62%
Presenteeism*2 22.7%
Absenteeism*3 2.3%

*2 Presenteeism--- It refers to a state of affairs where a loss of productivity occurs as a result of a company member's ability to work being impacted by health issues. It is measured by SPQ (Single-Item Presenteeism Question). Our aim is to reach 22.1% or lower by 2025.

*3 Absenteeism--- Percentage of absentee due to sickness and injury(%).

Key Initiatives

Helping employees build physical health

Exercise promotion initiatives

From FY2020, we began focusing on promoting walking as a gateway to healthy exercise habits, and are using ICT (information and communication technology) to encourage the participation of people who do not normally walk. Employees who used this ICT and averaged 8,000 steps/day or more showed weight loss.
In addition to organizing walking events, relay races, and other events to promote exercise, we provide opportunities and environments for exercise, such as encouraging employees to do radio calisthenics before starting work as part of their daily exercise routine and providing exercise facilities on company property.
In addition, since FY2022, we have been conducting fitness assessments and health seminars for employees over the age of 50 to help them become aware of their physical fitness and maintain and strengthen their bodies, as well as company health events for all employees to raise awareness of the importance of exercise and create opportunities to change their awareness and behavior.

State of participation ICT-based walking event (Non-consolidated)

FY 2020 2021 2022
Number of Participants 626 787 829
Percentage of participation 19.0% 20.0% 22.0%

Healthy diet initiatives

The Company's employee cafeteria is registered with the food education and health promotion projects of the prefecture and city as an Aichi Prefecture Food Education Promotion Cooperative Eatery and an Okazaki City Health Support Facility, respectively. As such, the cafeteria offers health-conscious options, such as meals of just 600 Calories, and displays the Calorie counts on every item on the menu. In addition, the Company shares its health concerns with the catering companies that provide food to the employee cafeteria, and they provide menu items in consideration of those health issues as a monthly health event.

No-smoking initiatives

State of participation in the Stop Smoking Challenge(Non-consolidated)

FY 2020 2021 2022
Number of Participants 24 40 25
Percentage of achievement 50.0% 30.0% 46.0%

Women's health events

We held health events (FUTABA Pink Ribbon Movement) to raise awareness of the importance of the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. We also held a concurrent event to experience various health measurements including vascular age assessment, allowing many employees, regardless of gender, to try palpating themselves.
Furthermore, we raised awareness by setting out booths at company events to give not only employees but also their families the opportunity to think about breast cancer.

Helping employees build mental health

We carry out activities based on guidelines for four types of mental health care while cooperating with occupational health staff and the Human Resources Division among others. Having introduced mental health education in the job level-based training programs, we consider it necessary to help employees build mental health in the early stage of their careers, and focus on implementing initiatives aimed at helping new employees stay mentally healthy. In FY2023, we will set workplace improvement as a priority issue, and will identify strengths and weaknesses of workplaces based on the results of group analysis after stress checks, thereby creating a framework that will lead to workplace improvement.

Line care education(e-learning)(Non-consolidated)

FY 2020 2021 2022
Number of subjects 778 922 984
Percentage of course completion 94.7% 93.7% 78.5%