Respect of Human Rights

Basic Approach and Human Rights Policy

In addition to defining the Company's basic policy on respecting human rights by stating, "We will respect the personalities and individuality of our employees, ensure a safe and supportive work environment, and strive to realize comfort and affluence for our employees" in Futaba's Corporate Charter, we recognize the importance of respecting the human rights of the people we encounter in all of our business activities. Having drafted the "Futaba Group Human Rights Policy" in July 2023, we are promoting the implementation of respect for human rights among Futaba Group employees and suppliers. We also promote education and awareness-raising on human rights among employees and conduct human rights due diligence (a process conducted to identify, prevent, and mitigate negative impacts on human rights).

Initiatives for the prevention of harassment

Every year, Futaba works on activities aimed at preventing harassment by issuing a top management message to all employees, declaring the eradication of harassment in the workplace and implementing e-learning. In addition, the company also provides education on harassment in rank-based education(newly appointed managers, newly appointed leaders, new employees, mid-career recruits, etc.).
Domestic and overseas Group companies implement activities for the prevention of harassment through opportunities such as education and training.

Initiatives for Respect of Human Rights in the Supply Chain

Futaba promotes procurement activities considerate of human rights, the environment, etc. We believe that initiatives for the respect of human rights need to be promoted not only at the company, but also throughout the supply chain overall. We require regular self-evaluations and continuous efforts to make corrections.
We also recognize that responsible procurement of mineral resources and raw materials is a significant issue across the supply chain, and periodically examine and track the use of conflict minerals on a global basis.

Respect for human (Labor and Human rights)

Suppliers are requested to respect human rights in the Futaba Group Human Rights Policy and the Supplier Sustainability Guidelines.
  1.Elimination of discrimination, and Diversity & Inclusion
  2.Prohibition of Harassment
  3.Prohibition of Child labor
  4.Prohibition of Illegal Migrant Labor, Forced Labor
  5.Wages and benefits
  6.Working Hours
  7.Dialogue and consultation with employees
  8.Safe and Healthy Working Environment

Consultation and Reporting Desk

The Company has established the Futaba Helpline, an internal helpline that allows anonymous reporting and consultations, in order to detect and resolve internal issues early. In addition to the internal helpline, the head office and domestic Group companies have set up an external helpline at a law firm outside the Company for the wide range of usage including family members, retirees, and employees of major trading partners. Overseas Group companies have a similar mechanism to that in Japan. The helplines target violations of laws and internal rules which may significantly affect the Company, and the reports and consultations are fact-checked in collaboration with dedicated departments to speedily resolve problems.