Creation of safety-first workplace

Basic approach

We believe that the safety and health of each one of our employees is a precious asset and management resource. Based on the concept that "Safety always takes first priority," we seek to ensure workplace environments facilitating safety and ease of work, respecting the personalities and individuality of our employees, while striving to ensure their satisfaction and fulfillment.

Basic policy on safety and health
  • 1.Safety and health are prerequisites for business activities, and each and every employee must act while placing the highest priority on safety.
  • 2.Futaba complies thoroughly with related laws, basic rules and other requirements, and raises awareness of safety and health through education.
  • 3.Futaba works on safety and health activities by establishing a management system and clarifying responsibilities and roles.
  • 4.Futaba clarifies workplace risks, implements measures in accordance with the nature of risks, and recognizes that health that minimizes potential risks is the basis of everything, and all employees continue to use ingenuity and make efforts to create healthy bodies and comfortable workplaces.
  • 5.Futaba works in cooperation with local communities on environmental improvement activities that can gain the sympathy of society for the creation of a better future for local communities.

Promotion System

At Futaba, under the auspices of the Company-wide Safety and Health Committee(Chair: General Manager of Production Headquarters), committees have been established in each place of business, workplace and group company, and they are working on the continuous improvement of safety and health.
In addition, Futaba supports the establishment of systems that enable each place of business to establish safety and health management independently at a top-level for each of their countries, taking into account the laws, regulations and various systems of each country.

  • *1. Domestic group companies : 12 production sites of Futaba Industrial and domestic subsidiaries
  • *2. Overseas group companies : 15 production bases of overseas subsidiaries

Creating a workplace culture where employees can work safely and with a sense of reassurance

We have established the PDCA cycle of occupational health and safety activities in each of our workplaces, and put in place a structure to introduce an occupational health and safety management system (OSHMS)*3, thereby improving our workplace safety culture.
Through appointed managers' workplace patrols and risk assessment*4 activities, we will identify the risks that cause accidents. We will also enact measures to reduce risks, strive to create workplaces where employees can manage their own work and accidents are unlikely to happen, and focus on developing employees in a way that makes them adhere to work rules.

Building of a culture of mutual enlightenment and safety in the workplace

At Futaba, we are working on the building of a "mutual enlightenment-type" safety culture that encourages employees to share information positively and pay attention to each other.

Building of a culture of mutual enlightenment and safety in the workplace

Source: DUPONT Bradley Curve

Industrial accident prevention initiatives

We implemented STOP 6*5 initiatives and focus on risk reduction activities in particular to prevent accidents arising from transportation of heavy objects and accidents related to vehicles(lifting), both of which have a high probability on our worksites. We also work on reducing the risks by reviewing the risk assessment.
The 16 accidents occurred in Japan during 2022 while 0 accident occurred related to death and physical harm. When seeing detail of these accidents, accident caused by "equipment" factors has not occurred, but accidents attributable to "human" factors have occurred such as from work process and environment, lack of care and confirmation.
Therefore, to create safe environment where is able to follow work rule, we are enhancing work environment by 2S & 3Tei activities*6.
Also, to create safe environment where is able to develop people, we have examined cause of unsafe condition and unsafe action more in detail at disaster/minor incident management meeting and have taken certain measures to the causes. In addition, as part of the activity to prevent industrial accidents, we provide hands-on training related to such as crane work, and skills enhancement training for preventing disaster.

Results in FY2022

  Domestic group companies*1 Overseas group companies*2
Number of industrial accidents 16 83
Disabling injury frequency rate 1.39

Safety education

Under our belief that it is possible to achieve a zero accident record, Futaba provides safety education to employees so that they follow proper work procedures to achieve zero accident workplaces, working to ensure that basic practices are thoroughly carried out. Specifically, we plan and provide training programs every year, such as crane ringing and slinging operation and lifting operation, and provide hands-on training and skills enhancement training to on-site workers. We also ensure that all of our employees are freshly aware of the importance of following rules.

Fire prevention initiatives

As part of the activity to prevent fires, we focus on preventing fires caused by sparks and spatters as well as electrical systems and devices. We take thorough countermeasures across Futaba for the identical and same type of equipment with which fires occurred inside and outside of our workplaces in the past. We also raise awareness of never letting a fire happen by identifying potential fire risks in each of our workplaces, mapping the risks, and always visualizing and managing them.