Product Technology

Green mobility systems

We will contribute to manufacture environment-friendly automobiles through the advancement of exhaust systems centering around the development described in below.

Modular muffler

We tackle the development of modular mufflers which can comply with multiple types of cars through the development and design of several standardized mufflers and the combination of them.
We will make mufflers smaller and less noisy by the new sound dampening structure. Standardization of products across different types of vehicles also enables cost reduction(reduction of capital expenditures).

Small-scale sound dampening device(Smart resonator®)

We tackle the development of small-scale sound dampening device, in order to contribute to the upsizing of battery parts under the floor of a vehicle toward the improvement in the cruising range of electric vehicles and the reduction of CO2 emissions. We will contribute to vehicles and the environment through the compliance with the wide range of layouts of electric vehicles by the smaller, lighter, and less noisy mufflers with highly efficient sound dampening feature and countermeasures to prevent heat damage of a battery and surrounding parts.

Next-generation hot end

In order to reduce substances of environmental concern, we tackle the development of next-generation hot end which materializes the improvement of the purification performance of the system including GPFs* and catalysts to collect and remove microparticles in exhaust gas.
Specifically, we place catalysts in the upper stream close to an engine as a measure to quickly warm catalysts. We are developing technology to control exhaust gas flow in the limited equipment space and improve the purification performance.
We are also developing a new production method to cope with the deterioration in the strength of catalysts due to the use of thinner materials.

Next-generation hot end

* GPF(Gasoline Particulate Filter): A filter to process exhaust gas of a gasoline vehicle with a direct injection engine